What I want to Be When I Grow UP!

Doris  is an acrylic artist and photographer. As retirement came close and  major health issues occurred, Doris decided it was time to figure out  what to do when she grew up. Doris began her artistic journey with a  class at the local community college. After this  class she knew. Doris  jumped full force into the paint. Illness has a way of bringing you to a  point where you want more in your life and then when illness hits again  painting becomes your salvation and therapy. Doris is a member of both  international, national, and regional art organizations. Doris'  paintings hang in collections, homes, and businesses in many states, the  UK, and Germany. Doris has a real HeArt for putting emotions and  memories on canvas. One of the greatest compliments comes when a client  says “that painting speaks to me.”  Doris continues to take classes from  instructors across the US always trying new ideas and expanding the  freedom of artistic expression.  Doris resides in the mountains of  Western NC in the Asheville region.

Member of:

        International Society of Acrylic Painters

        National Society of Painters in Casein/Acrylic

        Tryon Painters & Sculptors

        Rutherford County Visual Arts Guild

        Art League of Henderson County